No condoms, no poking

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NO condom, no sex!

This is the hymn of a frustrated Bulawayo woman who said she could not risk her life by having unprotected sex with her philandering husband who was also in the habit of deliberately tearing condoms each time they had sex.

Leah Dliwayo from Mzilikazi suburb said she had enough of her abusive and cheating husband Jabulani Dliwayo adding that she no longer trusted him as he was allegedly after infecting her with a sexually transmitted disease.

Jabulani Dliwayo

Jabulani Dliwayo

This came to light when Leah made an application for a protection order against her husband whom she said was of a violent disposition.

“I am seeking a protection order against my husband. He has been verbally and physically abusing me on several occasions while accusing me of being unfaithful yet he is the one who deserted our matrimonial home and started engaging in extra-marital affairs. When he came back I discovered that he had been infected with a sexually transmitted disease and I immediately ordered him to use protection whenever we had sex.

“The problem is that whenever we have sex he now tears the condoms and he has done that four times. From those four occasions it was clear that he was doing it deliberately because he never apologised.

“I ended up refusing him sex and as a result he became jealous and started stalking me and snooping into my phone,” Leah said pitifully.

She went on to tell the court that Jabulani was also not financially supporting the family, adding that he was coming to harass her at her work place.

“He is also coming to my work place to harass me. I work for a local football club and he once came there and assaulted me.”

Responding to his wife’s allegations, Jabulani said problems started after he caught her red-handed being kissed by another man.

“Problems started after I discovered that she had an affair with another man. This was after I stumbled upon a message sent to her by one Mr Moyo who was asking her if she was pregnant. Before that she had been acting strange and she had even stopped going to church as we used to do.

“From that day it was not long before I caught her red-handed being kissed by another man. They were also moving slowly while passionately grabbing each other. When I confronted the man he told me that my wife had told him she was not married,” said Jabulani, adding that Leah later begged for forgiveness.

On tearing condoms, Jabulani said: “It is not true that I tear condoms during sex. If they break it might be because they won’t be fitting properly or put on correctly and I should blame her for that since she is the one ‘putting’ them on me.”

His defence did not, however, “please” the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya who sternly ordered him not to verbally, physically and sexually abuse his wife as well as not to stalk, phone her or go to her work place.