Chilling confession!: Woman says killed own children, ate their flesh

Laic Nkomo

IN a bizarre and spine chilling incident a woman from Mbembesi confessed to her cannibalism.

Laic Nkomo told villagers in Mbembesi under Chief Nyoni that she was responsible for the death of her children with the last fatality occurring less than a week ago.

Nkomo confessed that her neighbour Sonakele Tshabalala was her partner in crime.

B-Metro gathered that Nkomo and Tshabangu, who are neighbours, had a partnership that was bound by blood which compelled them to eat flesh resulting in the mysterious death of the pair’s children and other villagers.

Narrating her emotional ordeal Nkomo said:

“I killed my five children and my partner Tshabalala killed seven of her children. We had duties of providing our own blood meat.  We have our own clay pot filled with blood and we use it for killing and we also have lightning.”

An outsider won’t understand.

“We really enjoyed their meat but when you are not part of our crew you won’t enjoy it,” she added.

The problem started when Mickel Ndlovu was having problems in his home. He then decided to consult prophet, Blessing Mutize, who then ordered Nkomo and Tshabalala to confess their plans about Ndlovu.

Tshabalala is Ndlovu’s aunt.

“Ndlovu was our next meal and we are the reason behind his sickness. It was now Tshabalala’s duty to kill and she said she couldn’t kill her only remaining daughter, so the plan was to kill her nephew, Mickel,” Nkomo continued.

Meanwhile, Ndlovu was in shock.

Blessing Mutize

Blessing Mutize

“I am shocked why my aunt would decide to do this to me, I believe that she is the reason behind all drama in my home,” said the fuming Ndlovu.

Efforts to talk to Tshabangu were fruitless as she fled the village to her only surviving daughter in Tsholotsho.