Night shift strains marriage

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A MUTARE woman who stands accused of having an affair with her boss has dragged her husband to court to apply for a protection order against him.

Nomatter Matandani and Lloyd Mapfutire recently appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato, with the woman accusing her husband of harassing her.

Matandani said her husband suspects that she is having an affair with her boss as she is always assigned night duties.

“He says I am having an affair with my boss as I am always on night duty. He thinks that is the time my boss and l enjoy quality time. Yet I am just an employee and I cannot tell my boss which shift to give me,” she said.

She said her husband once confronted her boss over the issue.

“My boss did not take his confrontation lightly and reported him to the police. He was arrested.

“When he was released from the police holding cells, he came home and assaulted me. He also threw my clothes outside, saying I should go to my boyfriend (boss)’ s house. He also confiscated my phone,” she said.

“There is no evidence of any relationship between my boss and l, but my husband refuses to understand.

“My relationship with my boss is now strained because of this. I do not want my husband to come to my workplace and cause more drama. He should not insult my co-workers,” said Matandani.

In response, Mupfurire said he did not confront his wife’s boss over the allegations.

“He came to me and said he had heard from my wife that I was accusing him of having an affair with her. He demanded for evidence, which I did not have as they have been very cunning. There is no smoke without fire,” said Mupfurire.

He maintained that he strongly suspects that the two are having an affair.

“She is always assigned night duties at her workplace. Her boss drops her at home when she knocks-off. When I approach them to greet her boss, he drives off in a huff as if I would have disturbed their conversation.

“The other thing is that she got promoted without her upgrading her qualifications. l smell a rat. What does she want the other men to think of me?

“When I ask her about the promotion, she is so defensive. She says her boss is younger than her and therefore there is no room for a relationship between them,” he said.

Mr Chipato granted the protection order in Matandani’s favour.
The order bars Mupfurire from harassing his wife.