Mystery baby haunts family

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THE mysterious baby cries continuously!

A family from Chitanga Village in Mwenezi is being haunted by the sounds of a crying baby coming from the walls of their huts.

The Musanhu family is being tormented by the sounds coming from the walls and they have clocked six months under such torture.

Efforts to get help from traditionalists and prophets were fruitless as the situation became worse.

Family head, Isaach Musanhu said they did not have peace following the strange incident and they now take turns to sleep.

“It’s now six months since we started hearing the sounds of a crying baby from our walls. At first we used to think it was a cat as it only happened during the night.

“It became serious that we were even failing to sleep and one night we went outside to check, but did not see anything.

“We then decided to seek help from prophets and a number of cleansing ceremonies were held, but the situation worsened,” said Musanhu.

Thereafter, the crying baby began to cry day and night.

“It is as if it follows people as during the day it moves from one hut to another, depending on which hut will be having people inside.

“Unfortunately even our relatives do not want to accommodate us and we have nowhere to go therefore we now take turns to sleep because this mysterious noise is too much,” he said.

When Musanhu was asked on prophecies they were told by prophets they consulted, he was ambiguous and tricky.

“Prophets and traditionalists told us different stories and if I open up the family will be torn apart,” he said.