Man dumps wife for late pastor’s widow

Rumbidzai Chimbwanda - Man dumps wife for late pastor’s widow
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AN OLD Mutare Mission couple’s marriage is on the brink of collapse following the husband’s alleged adulterous affair with his late pastor’s widow, The Weekender has learnt.

All this came to light when Rumbidzai Chimbwanda, a secretary at Old Mutare Mission approached the courts seeking for protection from her husband, David Chimbwanda who is also employed at the same mission as a supervisor.

Rumbidzai told the court that her husband had an affair with the late United Methodist Church pastor’s widow Mai Nyazungu from the same institution resulting to the termination of the widow’s contract at the institution.

Presiding over the matter was Mutare magistrate Miss Prisca Tendai Manhibi.

She told the court that he has since moved out of their company house at Old Mutare Mission and was renting and staying with his lover in Chikanga.

“Your Worship, my husband had an affair with his late pastor’s widow, Mai Nyazungu and when the administration got hold of the affair, the  pastor’s widow was relieved of her duties from the institution in March.

“They then moved in together and are renting a house in Chikanga, as a result of this affair, he now has to commute daily from Mutare to work in Old Mutare,” said the woman.

She also told the court that she was now living in fear of being evicted from the Mission house by David as he had been threatening to act so prior to the court date.

“It is a Mission house, we all work for Old Mutare Mission but he keeps threatening to evict the children and me so that he stays with his lover, which is why I need the protection order,” narrated Rumbidzai.

David however, did not dismiss the claims that he had an affair with his late pastor’s wife but told the court that at the moment, he was staying alone at his rented residence in Chikanga.

He also had no kind words for his wife as he accused her of staying with her relatives in the Mission house.

“Yes Your Worship, she should be evicted because it is a Mission house and the bills are being collected from my salary not hers. I am parting with a lot of money commuting to work daily so she and the children should move out from the house because she also stays with her relatives there,” said the visibly angry husband.

Miss Manhibi advised him not to be ruthless to his children because of their mother’s court application.

“You committed adultery and you are legally married to her, if she wanted, she could sue you for adultery damages and you would have to part with a lot of money than the small amount that is being deducted from your salary for your family’s lodgings,” she advised.

Rumbidzai also made a maintenance claim and was granted $180 for their two children.