Jilted Ben 10 drama

Nontokozo Mlilo
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A Bulawayo woman is facing the full wrath of her former Ben 10 and his mother after they turned stalkers, threatening to end her blossoming relationship.

Nontokozo Mlilo’s life has turned into a living hell as her younger ex-boyfriend Tafadzwa Mahenga and his mother Pretty Mthethwa allegedly harass and stalk her.

Tafadzwa Mahenga

Tafadzwa Mahenga

“When I was in a relationship with him Mthethwa used to insult me telling me to go find a lover my age but now that I have done so she continues to harass and insult me calling me a prostitute and even using my status against me,” she said.

“I want Mthethwa to know that Mahenga did not get a peace order against me as he lied to her. He even went to my mother who chased him away showing that I am not the one who is after him but he is the one after me. Mahenga and his mother should leave me alone as my current boyfriend who is soon to be husband is threatening to leave me because of their behaviour,” she continued.

According to Mlilo she has found a man who makes her happy and is no longer interested in a childish relationship.
“I wonder why they are bitter, maybe it’s because I used to support him but I am in a relationship with a man my age now. I do not need him as he is unemployed and immature. I just want peace and they are making my life a living hell,” she said.

“It pains me that she ran to the newspapers about this, she is trying to traumatise my child and I fear that my child will commit suicide over this. My child is always assaulted by people because of her and I am now concerned that my child might end up dead. As a parent I am pained by her behaviour but only God knows why this is happening to me and my family,” said Mthethwa.

Mahenga denied following Mlilo around as he also had moved on with his life.

“I do not follow her around, she is the one who sends her friends to call me, I can even bring her WhatsApp messages to show who is chasing who. Everything that she told you is nothing but a lie,” said Mahenga.