• The love language that has seen a huge societal shift is receiving and giving gifts as women begin to make more money and run lucrative businesses.
  • Women are often criticised for wanting to share some of their money with their partners.
  • It’s important to evaluate your situation and decide how you want to handle money and giving gifts in your relationship.

Showering your partner with money and gifts can sometimes be seen as trying to buy someone’s love or if you are a woman, you may be accused of being crazy for spending money on a man, as some believe it should be the other way around.

Women across the globe have been fighting for equality and that includes in their relationships. According to Psychotherapist and Author Dr. Tina B. Tessina the love language of giving gifts lets your partner know you cared enough to think about them in advance and went out of your way to get something to make them smile.

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Having the ability to showering your significant other with gifts is wonderful and should not be perceived as a bad thing to do. Registered counselor, Phumzile Ndlovu says, “It all comes down to communication. If your partner is comfortable with you spending money on them then it shouldn’t be a factor.”

A woman should not feel stupid for spending money on her partner based on societal beliefs that her partner will be taking advantage of her – every relationship is different.

For many years, the financial responsibility for many households and relationships belonged to men, hence the difficulty to change mindsets.

Phumzile believes that society created the expectation that women should not pay for anything and they’ve had to hide in the shadows for the sake of men’s egos. But things have changed and women are able to make money and should be free to spend it in whatever way they please.

Phumzile suggests you address the elephant in the room if this is an uncomfortable conversation for you and your partner. Have that tough and open conversation about money, but don’t be tempted to succumb to society’s expectations, do what you feel is right. – W24