‘I’m tired of bashing hubby’s lovers’

Sithembile Ndebele
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A WOMAN from Nketa suburb in Bulawayo is tired of bashing her husband’s girlfriends who spend all his money.
Sithembile Ndebele said she first discovered about Gibson Ncube’s affairs when one woman called her and told her to leave him.

As if that is not enough there have been numerous times when Ncube’s various girlfriends have tormented her with constant insults.

As a result Ndebele has resorted to using violence on them.

Most times she has to travel to other cities just to drag her husband back home.

“I am troubled by my husband. He has girlfriends in Gweru and Harare. In one instance I had to go all the way to Gweru where one of his girlfriends lives and I fought with her because she kept on saying she is the second wife.

Ncube later came home and begged for forgiveness and I forgave him because I thought he was a changed man but he has started having girlfriends again,” said Ndebele.

Ndebele said her worst fears are that her husband could infect her with STIs.

“When he comes back home after sleeping with his girlfriends he wants to sleep with me without protection. When I try to refuse he beats me up,” said a teary Ndebele.

She added: “Ncube is very irresponsible. He works as an electrician but he does not support me in any anything. Most times I have to pay the rentals.

Ncube refused to comment.

“I cannot comment on the issue, it’s my personal life,” said Ncube.