Deceived man demands money back

Providence Ncube
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USED and abused!
There’s really nothing so painful for a man like discovering that the child you loved so much and having developed affection for is not yours.

Take it from a Bulawayo man, Providence Ncube (pictured above), who made that unwelcome discovery after being deceived by his ex-wife Chiedza Phiri into believing that he was the father of her two-year-old son.

For Ncube, a tout, the experience was akin to bereavement and is now seeking an order directing Phiri to refund him the money he used looking after another man’s child.

Ncube and Phiri “married” after the latter got pregnant and at that time Ncube said he had no reason to assume the pregnancy was not his.

Chiedza Phiri

Chiedza Phiri

Ncube’s predicament was heard at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Phiri was seeking a protection order against him saying he wanted to kill her.

“I was in a relationship with Providence Ncube. He is violent and has beaten me on several occasions when we were still staying together. He is also threatening to kill me when we meet.

“We moved in together two years ago when I was one-month pregnant without him knowing that the pregnancy was not his.

“During our cohabitation he used to come home drunk and beat me up. Due to his abuse I ended up moving out of his house to stay with the father of my child. On 31 October he visited by husband’s sister and threatened to take my child saying it was his,” said Phiri.

Phiri further said she was now living in fear after Ncube had threatened to kill her together with her husband.

In response, a devastated Ncube revealed how he’ll “never get over” discovering that the son he loved so much was not his.

“We have been living peacefully for the past two years. Problems started after she told me that the child was not mine before she moved out to stay with another man she claims is the biological father of the child.

“It is painful that she has made me look after another man’s child and I want her to pay me back the money I contributed towards the upkeep of that child for those two years we had been staying together,” complained Ncube.

The presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya advised Ncube to approach the civil court and sue Phiri for damages if he wanted back his money he used to maintain her child during their cohabitation.

The magistrate also ordered Ncube not to verbally and physically abuse his ex-lover, not to go to her place and to communicate with her in any way.