‘I love you but please don’t follow me on Twitter’ – Women share dating social media rules

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The conversation about social media and relationships can be quite thorny, one wrong click or comment and you’re on your way to crucifixion.

You may have a lot in common with your partner but social media might just be the one thing that divides your opinion. We all have boundaries and needless to say, it is vital you communicate those.

However, what happens when those boundaries are ignored? A Reddit user took to the platform to ask if she’s being unreasonable with her partner who has a questionable use of social networks.

The user has been with her partner for less than a year and he is a religious social media user who is on Facebook, Instagram to Snapchat. “I am finding myself getting increasingly jealous about the women my partner follows or likes on Instagram and receives Snapchats from. Now, I have absolutely no problem with a partner looking at women or porn, but to me following or liking someone on Instagram is different. We discussed this recently as it’s affecting me a lot or making me look over his shoulder and over analyse every like and snap. He didn’t really get it and it came across like I was being controlling.

Registered counsellor, Catherine insists on having a conversation with your partner about the use of the social media and when it comes to boundaries. “Make sure that you to do not tolerate that which will not be so comfortable later on in the relationship,” she says.

When it comes to the eyebrow-raising comment section and DMs, Catherine suggests objectivity, “DMs are like a person calling you out in the street, all you have to do is say no and not give opportunity for the person to make further attempts.”

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The important lesson here is that we all have different opinions when it comes to social media use when in a relationship. Both partners should have a conversation on how to handle it. Remember, social media is not a determining factor of love.