Drama as mobile phone present to wife reveals an affair

Vanessa Rudo Chabwera and Neil Wenyika
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DELETE doesn’t mean delete! The naked photo you received on your phone and deleted, is still around, somewhere.

That’s the reality a Bulawayo man got after his wife stumbled on naked pictures of his alleged mistress in various poses from his mobile phone which he had given her after he bought a new one.

Kudzayi Wenyika who always thought of her husband Neil Wenyika as a “fantastic and caring one,” was given much more than what she expected when she also discovered from the “old” phone saucy pictures of her husband and his lover Vanessa Rudo Chabwera passionately kissing each other.

Accompanying the racy pictures which leaked to B-Metro are also voice notes in which the two were complimenting each other supposedly after a steamy sex encounter and flirtatiously talking on how they could “spice up” their clandestine sex life to keep it interesting.

In some of the recorded voice calls, Neil is heard suggesting that when going to her place, Vanessa should send her children on errands so that they can have quality time together without disturbance.

The recorded voice calls also suggest that the two — Neil and Vanessa were always hooking up on weekends for sex.

In a bid to apparently deceive his wife, Neil saved his lover’s contact as John Cena or Lawrence, his boss’ name.

Neil’s blunder sparked an argument with his wife that led her to suspect that the illicit affair had been going on for some time behind her back.

“When he gave me the phone, I found shocking images of the woman and him where they are kissing each other. I am so upset after I found out that my husband has been having an affair and his mistress was sending him her pictures naked.

“When I confronted him, he denied that they were in love yet there are pictures of them kissing each other and voice notes in which they are talking about their sexual encounters. I suspect the relationship has been going on for a while. I feel totally sick and betrayed and I’m planning to sue the girlfriend,” said Kudzai.

She said when she phoned her husband’s mistress, she didn’t entertain her. Instead of apologising, Kudzai said Vanessa blocked her number.

When reached for comment Neil who comfirmed knowledge of the leaked pictures, spiritedly denied that he was having an intimate relationship with Vanessa. He said they were just friends.

Asked about the passionate kissing and the nude pictures of Vanessa which she was sending him, he sheepishly said:

“You know what happens when people are drunk”.

Vanessa, however, confirmed the subsistence of an intimate relationship but said she had since broken up with Neil after his wife confronted her.

“We are no longer together. We broke up after his wife confronted me. When we started dating, I didn’t know that he was married and I am happy to say that we have since sorted out our differences with his wife,” said Vanessa.

Neil’s wife, however, rubbished her utterances insisting they were still seeing each other.