Concubines humiliate Bishop at wedding

Bishop Nyamombe (Right)
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THE leader of the Zviratidzo ZveVapostori Church Bishop Richman Nyamombe was last Saturday humiliated after his two concubines teamed up and cornered him at a wedding where he was a guest – demanding maintenance for their neglected children.

Bishop Nyamombe had been invited to grace the wedding of one of the church’s priests at Mutare Hall.

However, what was meant to be a blissful exchange of vows between the bride and groom sensationally degenerated into chaos as the two uninvited and hostile guests dressed down the Man of God in full glare of wedding guests and congregants.

The bizarre occurrence was allegedly engineered by a rival faction fighting to seize control of the church from Bishop Nyamombe.

The free drama unfolded at Mutare Hall Saturday morning after two of Bishop Nyamombe’s alleged ‘‘baby mamas’’ popped up and accused him of being an irresponsible womaniser who neglects his children.

Bishop Nyamombe’s concubines arrived at the wedding venue early with the intention to confront him in full glare of guests as numerous attempts to engage him had allegedly failed.

The two unidentified women who besieged Mutare Hall, demanding their maintenance dues from Bishop Nyamombe

The two women alleged that they were impregnated by Bishop Nyamombe.

According to a video clip in possession of The Weekender, one of the women, who had a red blouse and black skirt said she was the one taking care of Bishop Nyamombe’s 10-year-old son.

The woman, who could not hold back her tears, said she made numerous attempts to engage the Man of God without success.

She claimed she could no longer bear the burden of raising their son alone, hence her decision to lay siege on him in public.

“I fell pregnant 10 years ago and I conceived a son. He knows it, and I have brought the boy along so that he gives me money to take care of him,” she said while sobbing.

The other woman, who had a maroon top and black skirt, accused the church leader of neglecting his children and abusing young girls in the church.

“He has more than 60 children and abuses young girls. This is a matter of concern and we are willing to take up the matter to the relevant authorities so that his church is investigated,” she added.

Bishop Nyamombe refused to discuss the matter when contacted for a comment by The Weekender.

He, instead, referred all questions to the church’s general secretary Kundishora Mhondiwa.

The woman could not hold back her tears

“I cannot discuss that matter with the media. The best person you can talk to, if you want a comment on what is happening in the church, is the general secretary Kundishora Mhondiwa,” he said.

Mhondiwa was quick to dismiss the allegations as fabricated and tailor-made to malign, tarnish and injure the clergy’s reputation.

“It’s all church politics at play. There is nothing concrete about the allegations. The women were planted to achieve the objective of an antagonist faction fighting for the control of the church.

“They were hired and dispatched by a faction led by Joseph Maringahosi. We expelled them from the church, and they are fighting back. Their strategy is to bring the reputation of the Bishop and church into disrepute,” he said.

Mhondiwa said Maringahosi and his faction were demoted from senior positions in the church following violent clashes last year.

The fallout emanated from contested leadership legitimacy.

This led to the split of the church.

The ousted faction, Mhondiwa said, has been spreading all sorts of malicious allegations against their leader.

“We have had numerous incidents like these before. Women have been set-up to embarrass and drag Bishop Nyamombe’s name into the mud. Most of the issues do not concern the church operations and are more to do with his personal life.

“If these women have genuine cases against him, I think it is best that they take up the matter with the courts so that he is dealt with accordingly. You cannot follow the Man of God wherever he goes to cause drama, commotion and embarrass him,” said Mhondiwa.

Efforts to get a comment from Maringahosi were fruitless as he was said to have relocated to South Africa. Bishop Nyamombe is not new to this kind of controversy.

About four years ago he was under fire from some congregants who accused him of siring too many children out of wedlock.

He was accused of neglecting the children. This is against the church’s beliefs. The church law allows polygamy, but insists that one should properly marry the women and provide for them and their children.

In 2016 Bishop Nyamombe was acquitted of rape after being implicated by a female congregant from Dangamvura.