Chamisa shames ZANU-PF’s Varakashi extra-marital affair claim

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MDC president Nelson Chamisa took the unusual step to answer to online bashers (Varakashi) over claims the MDC leader was having an extra-marital affair with a Harare woman and that a nude video had been leaked by a named female MDC MP.

A ZANU-PF propagandist going by the Facebook name Jones Musara had made the claim on his own Facebook page, attaching a photo of Chamisa with a young woman, forcing Chamisa to respond.

“Chamisa is fixated on (extra-marital affairs) instead of nation building hence he is not Presidential material,” Musara said, attaching a photo.

Nelson Chamisa responded: “Please be truthful. This photo was actually taken at some restaurant on Saturday last week where I was having lunch with the legend Thomas Mapfumo. I also had the pleasure of meeting the young musician Enzo of the Kanjiva fame for the first time.

“I don’t expect such embarrassing lies. I don’t even know that girl whom you unfortunately seek to diminish in standing. I’m not that filthy! Ngativake Zimbabwe nerudo kwete kuiputsa neruvengo!”