UK not sure yet if it will send observers to Zimbabwe elections

Andrew Mitchell
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LONDON – The United Kingdom is not sure yet whether it will send observers to Zimbabwe’s elections in August because invitations will not be issued until the election date has been announced.

Responding to a question in the UK Parliament yesterday Minister for Africa, Andrew Mitchell, said the UK was working alongside international partners to prepare support for domestic and international election observation missions.

“However, in line with Zimbabwe’s constitution and standard practice, invitations for observation missions will not be issued by the Government of Zimbabwe until the election date is announced,” he said.

“Alongside a small British Embassy Harare electoral monitoring mission, we hope to see larger electoral missions from the African Union, Southern African Development Community, EU, Commonwealth, US and international and domestic NGOs.”

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa has not yet proclaimed the date for elections yet but they have to be held before 26 August.

It had been widely expected that he would announce the election date this month, but unless he does so this week, the next government gazette will be in June. – InsiderZim