Prof. Mthuli Ncube says re-engagement paying off

Prof. Mthuli Ncube
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FINANCE and Economic Development Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube, says the country would continue to intensify its re-engagement efforts, which are bearing fruit, particularly in the mining sector.

Since the coming into power of the Second Republic under President Mnangagwa’s administration in November 2017, Zimbabwe has embarked on an international engagement and re-engagement drive to improve relations with the global village.

Prof Ncube today engaged with students from the National University of Science and Technology, Lupane State University, Hillside Teachers College, Zimbabwe School of Mines and Bulawayo Polytechnic on Economic Transformation under the National Development Strategy-1.

He said in the past five years, the country has seen rapid economic transformation in all sectors. The minister highlighted that the agriculture sector saw record wheat harvest in 2021, higher capacity utilization in the manufacturing sector and gains in the mining sector.

“Turning to the re-engagement process, Zimbabwe continues to build relationships with everyone as we say we are friends all and enemy to non and we are seeing investments, especially in the mining sector coming through. We will continue to pursue that path,” said the minister.

“Transformation is also noted in the mining sector. In the next three years, Zimbabwe will be one of the highest steel producers. We have 200 years worth of iron deposits in Manhize.

“Investments in lithium are huge. However, 40 percent of our ground is explored. I think we have more lithium deposits than current estimates.”

On current rains, he says as finance minister he is pleased that all parts of the country are receiving significant rains, which will boost yields and reduce grain importation.

“I am pleased that when it’s raining countrywide, its a good indication that we won’t import much grain,” he said. – Herald