New ZANU PF Politburo excites Zhuwao

Jason Zhuwao
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Jason Zhuwao, the son of exiled former G40 Kingpin Patrick Zhuwao, has praised the move by ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa to appoint a new team of Politburo members saying the composition represented a united ZANU PF.

Writing on Twitter, Zhuwao said, “The freshly appointed @ZANUPF_Official Politburo Leadership by The First Secretary, Cde @edmnangagwa is truly a hieroglyphic presentation of unity & progression in the party. A notable step forward to leaving no comrades behind.”

Zhuwao added that the Youth League leadership was expected to radicalize the youth movement.

“From the Youth League, it is our expectation, that the League will once again be the legitimate and credible voice of the youth; the epicenter of progressive, radical policies and practices in pursuance of the youth’s urgent call for economic freedom. Congratulations Comrades!”

Zhuwao is a former ZANU PF Director for Youth Affairs and nephew to the late former President Robert Mugabe.

Source – Byo24