Mnangagwa says Zanu PF will rule forever

President Mnangagwa addresses party supporters at a thank you rally at Rutenga Shopping Centre in Mwenezi yesterday.-(Picture by Kudakwashe Hunda)
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PRESIDENT Emmerson Emmerson Mnangagwa has claimed Zanu-PF is entitled to rule Zimbabwe, claiming the party singularly fought to free thw country from colonial bondage.

He was speaking during the party’s ill-attended cell verification meeting in Kwekwe Saturday.

“Our party has a history, it is a party which liberated the country. It is a party which brought independence to the country. Be part of the rulers and not the ruled, because this is a mass party,” he said.

“For us in order to vote in elections today it is because of Zanu-PF. Today we are able to choose our leaders after every five years a situation which was brought about by voting. We must therefore be serious when it comes to the issue of voting. The freedom enjoy today of voting is the freedom which came through the barrel of the gun and it must be safeguarded,” he said.

“We need to safegaurd our freedom and independence through voting. For us  to  get a fresh mandate from the people, you must go out there and vote in your numbers. Zanu PF liberated the country and therefore it is the only party which must govern,” he said.

He urged his party supporters to register to vote.

“You need to register to vote. We sweated during the liberation war for the country’s independence. Now things are just easy you just need to go out there and vote. You must safegaurd the independence of the country by voting,” he said.

Mnangagwa also has urged party members to get all the required national identification documents which will enable them to vote.

“We have addressed on the issue of the national identification. People must get all the required documents which will enable them to vote for free. We must be registered to vote. Go and register to vote you mustn’t be found wanting. You must be found on the voters roll,” he said. – Newzim