Mawarire Questions Moyo’s ‘Excelgate’ Claims

Jonathan Moyo
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National Patriotic Front (NPF) spokesperson, Jealousy Mawarire, has dismissed former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo‘s book, ” Excelgate: How Zimbabwe’s 2018 Presidential Election Was Stolen,” it claims are inconsistent and based on fiction.

Mawarire expressed in sentiments on Twitter. Below is the full thread:

When one consistently gets vital statistical info wrong on an election, not only on Twitter but consistently in their ‘ground-breaking’ book, one wonders what else they are manufacturing in the bk. Zim has 1 958 wards, not 1 985. I don’t know where the extra 27 are coming from.

Isn’t “Excelgate” mutating into a “Wardgate” where the earthshattering ‘electoral fraud’ exposé is ironically based on a fictitious result transmission story from non-existant 1 985 wards?

I don’t doubt there was electoral fraud in 2018 elections but getting wrong, an important statistic in an election like the total number of wards from where the purported fake results were transmitted is fatal. Getting it wrong once might be a typo, but 5 times is unpardonable.

Repeating the same mistake on Twitter, months after the publication of the bk is even disastrous. If one chooses to base their argument on the transmission of results from wards, fraudulently adding 27 wards on top of 1 958 used in the election makes them as culpable as ZEC.

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