‘Jonathan Moyo, Kasukuwere, Mzembi to rejoin ZANU PF’

Jonathan Moyo, Jasukuwere and Patrick Zhuwao
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Controversial former Chivi South legislator Killer Zivhu has alleged that former G40 Kingpins Professor Jonathan Moyo, Mandi Chimene, Walter Mzembi and Saviour Kasukuwere were rejoining ZANU PF.

Writing on Twitter Zivhu said, “Jonso, Kasukuwere, Muzembi, Chimene, and the rest to join Zanu pf soon, I don’t keep secrets dzinechokuita ne Nyika. Because I want a better Zimbabwe ndichirikurarama, that’s the reason I always talk about a meaningful dialogue, kwete zvana Muteki and Linda.”

Professor Moyo who did not want to be to say much only responded to the tweet by saying, “The revolution will neither be tweeted nor facebooked!”

Zivhu added that ZANU PF needed a blanket amnesty for all ousted and exiled parry members to assist the party to win the elections.

“A blanket amnesty to all former Zanu Pf members is needed now, people differ pakufunga , but people like Jonso, Kasukuwere, Mliswa, Kaukonde, Jabhunu, Tsenengamu and the rest. Vana vemusangano they deserve another chance, not for them to have positions but kuva mu Party chete

“Some are celebrating 128000 against 129000 votes, on the other hand it’s 1963 against a 3 weeks old baby. What is needed is a strategy to win back people to our side, not this useless analysis.”

Zivhu was expelled from ZANU PF in June 2020 after he called for dialogue between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa.