Covid-19: Zimbabwean opposition celebrate deaths of ruling party leaders

The Widow of Calvin Tinashe Choto who was allegedly shot dead by security agents at Makoni Shops during the January 2019 fuel protests
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Some Zimbabweans have taken to Twitter to celebrate the deaths of prominent politicians from COVID-19 in the past few days.

Others have however called for restraint, saying it was unAfrican or a lack of Ubuntu/Unhu to celebrate the death of another human being.

Those calls have been scoffed at, with several Twimbos reminding their followers that scores of innocent people have been brutalised by State actors without the issue of Ubuntu/Unhu being raised. Here are some of the comments we have gleaned from Twitter:

@MagumboLioness: Where was Ubuntu in 2008 when opposition members were beaten, tortured & properties destroyed. Where was Ubuntu during Gukurahundi? Where was Ubuntu during Murambatsvina when thousands lost their homes? Where was Ubuntu when they shot civilians 2018/19? Neutrals sit down. Respect us

@VaNyakudya: When they killed this lady [picture of the woman shot dead on 1 August 2018] in broad daylight, they never talked about Ubuntu. Until today her killer is free and moves uncharged. A family was deprived of their mom and a man his wife. Now they want Command Ubuntu. No comrades. Anjalo Amasports.

@drjaytee87: Please don’t tell about Ubuntu… Hopewell is in jail, Job Sikhala in jail, Fadzi caught covid in jail… Please take the Ubuntu nonsense very far away from here

@Wamagaisa: When abduction & torture survivor Tawanda Muchehiwa posted support for a fellow torture survivor, this is what Mnangagwa’s spokesperson George Charamba said. “Have your buttocks healed? The injuries didn’t leave any scars?” It wasn’t out of concern, no. He was mocking the lad.

@namataik_: Did you know that ZANU PF people mock and laugh at people who have been raped, abducted and tortured. Some of them even celebrate. #Reflection on the importance of empathy. It is God who has the final say in all things.

@SteveZwitter: They killed 20 000 people calling them cockroaches. Some activists disappeared without a trace. Unarmed protesters were shot in broad daylight at 45°. Now Hopewell, Job Sikhala, Allan and many others are in jail over silly charges. Where is Ubuntu in that? Ngazviyende!

@maDube: Hanzi funeral president. Today they are lecturing us about Ubuntu. Let Ubuntu begin with you. Shows us love and we will love back. Show us respect and we will also respect you. Show us empathy and wisdom as leaders and citizens will embrace you. ZANU polarised this nation.

S_Harudzibwi: Hilton Tafadzwa Tamangani was beaten & tortured in police custody. Lawyers requested for him to get medical attention & they refused, he died in custody. Later on, all the other vendors were acquitted. Now you can’t tell us about Ubuntu & any of that nonsense! Just respect us!

According to The Guardian, Ubuntu is that nebulous concept of common humanity, oneness: humanity, you and me both. – Source: Pindula