CCC Parliamentary Candidate Refuses To Withdraw From Elections

Caston Matewu

Misheck Manyere, a Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) candidate for Marondera Central parliamentary seat, has announced that he will not withdraw from the upcoming elections, despite the party endorsing Caston Matewu as the official candidate.

Manyere, who is also a Ward 5 councilor, successfully filed his nomination papers under the CCC, even though the party leadership supported Matewu. Manyere has been actively mobilizing resources for his campaign and remains committed to running as a candidate. He expressed this during Marondera’s State of Streets Address (SOSA).

However, the Nelson Chamisa-led party has denounced 41 candidates who registered to participate in the elections under the party’s name without proper authorization. The party has taken legal action, filing criminal charges and appealing to the Electoral Court. Among the unauthorized candidates are 20 who filed for National Assembly seats and 21 who filed for local authority positions.

Fadzayi Mahere, the CCC spokesperson, has stated that the party will drop civil and criminal proceedings if the fraudulent candidates withdraw their candidature within 24 hours.

Some of the “fraudulent” candidates claim that they won in the party’s selection process to determine parliamentary and council candidates. However, they were not included on the official party list.

Nevertheless, some of these candidates have accepted the candidates chosen by the party leadership to represent the CCC in the elections.

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