Allegations of Asset Undervaluation Emerge in Late CIO Deputy Director General’s Estate

Menard Muzariri
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Allegations have emerged suggesting that the widow of the late Maynard Muzariri, former deputy director general of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), may have deliberately undervalued his assets, potentially disadvantaging the state and rightful heirs.

Records from the Master of the High Court have revealed significant discrepancies in the valuation of Muzariri’s properties. For instance, his four-bedroom house in Borrowdale, initially valued at US$45,000, is estimated to be worth over US$700,000.

This property, located in Harare’s affluent Rolf Valley, spans 5,320 square meters and includes a swimming pool and a tennis court. Additionally, a 10,000 square meter plot in Glen Lorne was undervalued at US$5,000, despite an estimated worth of approximately US$1,500,000.

Although Muzariri’s estate was registered, it has remained undistributed for eleven years following his death. Discontented claimants, Tatenda Moses Muzariri, Chipo Tsitsi Muzariri, and Prince Mutyambizi, represented by lawyers Madzima, Chidyausiku, and Museta, have called for a meeting with Esther Muzariri, the executrix dative, to address the apparent mismanagement of the estate.

In a letter dated May 20, 2024, the claimants’ lawyers highlighted significant discrepancies, alleging that numerous assets were understated, including a farm, commercial property, livestock, and farming equipment. They have demanded these issues be rectified within seven days, warning of impending legal action if no action is taken.

Despite a previous request for a meeting in 2022 being rejected by Esther Muzariri’s legal representatives, the claimants maintain that the finalization of the estate depends on a complete liquidation of assets, a process that has yet to be completed.

Esther Muzariri retains possession of the properties, with the estate registered under DR772/11 since July 2011, designating her as the executrix dative. Maynard Muzariri, who passed away at 56, served in various intelligence roles, including as deputy director general of the president’s department during his tenure. – Bulawayo 24