CCC hit by double candidates crisis, blames FAZ

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BULAWAYO – The main opposition party, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), is facing a significant challenge as state security agents have allegedly fielded double candidates in an attempt to cause confusion and undermine the party’s chances of winning in certain constituencies and wards in the upcoming general elections on August 23.

This tactic of double candidates had previously affected CCC’s predecessor, the MDC Alliance, in the 2018 elections, leading to the loss of several constituencies and wards that were technically won by the opposition.

The shadowy organization Forever Associates Zimbabwe (Faz) is said to be behind these double candidates. Faz is allegedly operated by the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and has taken control of the electoral process with the intention of rigging the elections. The outfit, led by retired Brigadier-General Walter Tapfumaneyi, is not an official constitutional body but an underground operational unit campaigning for President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the ruling party, ZANU-PF.

Faz has apparently replaced the army’s previous structure known as Heritage, which had performed similar roles during elections in the past. In 2018, the army was involved in the electoral process through Heritage and Africom, a converged communications service provider.

Zimbabwe has a history of disputed elections, particularly since 2000.

CCC’s deputy spokesperson, Gift “Ostallos” Siziba, has denounced Faz’s actions, stating that the organization has fraudulently created fake signatures for candidates to be registered under CCC without the party’s approval. Siziba emphasized that CCC has provided the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) with a letter containing official signatories designated to sign on behalf of the party and that they have not endorsed any double candidates. The party considers these actions to be criminal and fraudulent and will not accept them.

It’s important to note that this information is based on the claims made by CCC’s deputy spokesperson and may require further verification from reliable sources.