CCC candidates left stranded ahead of nomination Court deadline

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BULAWAYO – Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) candidates in Matabeleland yesterday faced difficulties as their nomination papers failed to arrive from Harare on time.

The candidates had arrived at the Nomination Court in Gwanda but they were left stranded and desperate. Many of them exited the Nomination Court and waited outside for hours.

According to reports, the necessary paperwork, including party lists for National Assembly and local authority seats, was expected to arrive from Harare before the close of the nomination court.

As a result of the missing paperwork, no CCC candidate had been able to submit their papers to the nomination court late in the afternoon.

The CCC candidates gathered at the party’s offices in Gwanda, known as the “Yellow House,” as they awaited the arrival of the required paperwork.

They were hoping that the paperwork would arrive soon so that they could proceed with the nomination process.