MDC warned against threats to continue holding demonstrations

Cain Mathema
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The Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, Senator Cain Mathema has warned the MDC and its surrogates against their threat to continue holding demonstrations.

In a statement, Senator Mathema said it is now clear that the MDC does not want law and order to prevail in the country.

He said it is disturbing to note that while constitutionalism exists in Zimbabwe in terms of human rights, these are now being misused to forment disorder and cause anarchy in the country.

Minister Mathema said government is aware that the timing of the demonstrations is meant to draw the attention of the international community, especially when the President has intensified Zimbabwe’s engagement and re-engagement process at regional and international fora.

He also said it is sad that some individuals and non-governmental and civic organisations are engaging in political acts as a ploy to raise funds from the international community at the same time tarnishing the image of the country in pursuance of a regime change agenda. – ZBC