Zimbabwe legislators to be docked if they fail to attend Parliament when booked in hotels

Jacob Mudenda
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HARARE – Members of Parliament who fail to attend Parliament or come late  or fail to attend the full session when they are booked in hotels in Harare will be docked their sitting allowance twice.

This was said by the Speaker of Parliament Jocob Mudenda who said that his decision, which was based on Standing Order Number 25, was with immediate effect.

“All Members who come to Harare and they are housed in hotels, are obligated to attend in person. I am instructing the Clerk of Parliament that any Member who is housed in a hotel and does not attend will not receive their sitting allowances accordingly,” Mudenda said yesterday.

“I say this because we owe it to the taxpayer to be in Parliament in terms of the facilities afforded us.  We cannot be seen to betray that trust from the taxpayers. Serjeant-At-Arms, you start now and ensure that those who are not attending today shall not receive their allowances for two times.”

The Speaker added: “As we move forward, I expect all Members who have been given accommodation in hotels to be here before 14:10 hrs and must attend Session until the end.  Those who will not comply shall have the penalty of not receiving their sitting allowances twice.  I make this decision in terms of Standing Order Number 215.”

Source: InsiderZim