Be active in the House – Mudenda tells “mute” MPs

Jacob Mudenda
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NATIONAL Assembly speaker Jacob Mudenda has warned MPs against not attending Parliament business urging them to enact laws that help Zimbabweans improve their lives.

Speaking during an induction seminar of the 10th Parliament in Harare, on Monday, Mudenda told MPs not to “remain mute” as was the case in the 9th Parliament where some legislators clocked 5 years without making any contribution.

“I urge all Parliamentarians to whole-heartedly participate in the enactment of laws that will improve the quality of life of our people.

“Do not be missing persons in Parliament. Some of you remained mute in the 9th Parliament. We want real active members in the House.

“We are here because of the trust bestowed on us by the Zimbabwe’s electorate. Thus, the electorate entrusted us to be bearers of a torch that casts its radiant light upon the aspirations, hopes and dreams of the Zimbabwean people in their search for consummated prosperity,” Mudenda said.

He added, “This seminar should, therefore, sharpen your abilities and energise you in fulfilling your legislative, oversight and representation roles as the undoubted servant leaders of the people of Zimbabwe whose voice is your mantle to translate into positive development action.

“You must acknowledge that to serve as a member of Parliament is a rare privilege. That privilege demands that we must serve the people of Zimbabwe responsibly, with distinction and with the greatest humility.

“Grant to yourselves that you occupy a privileged status and an elevated position in society.”

Mudenda reminded the members that to be Honourable meant being driven by a profound sense of duty towards the nation and its people and to “acquaint yourselves with the various legislative frameworks that fall under our purview through our Standing Committees, the engine of our Parliamentary processes.

“Transparency, accountability and ethical conduct must attend you unflinchingly. It is to be the custodian of the rule of law and constitutionalism, upholding the highest standards of legality and justice in your execution of your Parliamentary responsibilities.

“To be Honourable is to exhibit a genuine love for country – PATRIOTISM, a passion that transcends personal gain, self-interest and is rooted in a deep commitment to the common good of our Motherland, Zimbabwe.”

He also called upon the MPs to be mindful that the measure of their success will not be found solely in the laws they pass or the policies they shape but in the country’s prosperity.

“Our commitment to their welfare and the preservation of our democratic ideals will be the true testimony of our honourable service. We must, therefore, rise to this historic call to duty, united in purpose and dedicated to a Zimbabwe that shines brighter with each passing day.

“This August House should ensure that law is an instrument for development. We must deliver and lift more of our people out of poverty and into prosperity.” – NewZim