Zimbabwean opposition blames State Security Minister for widespread arbitrary arrests

Zimbabwe’s State Security Minister Owen Ncube
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The MDC Alliance has blamed Owen Ncube, the Minister of State Security for the conviction of six of it’s members who have since been released following a fine payment of RTGS 20 000 (US$250) each.

“Six MDC Alliance Midlands youth leaders who were convicted on a trumped up charge of participating in an unlawful demonstration earlier on in March were today fined RTGS 20 000 each.

The six are, Midlands province Youth chair, Sekai ‘Muchaina’ Marashe, Clr Melody Chingarande, Clr Washington Moyo, Lovemore Savanhu, Tinashe Nyamushosho and Leonard Musemwa.

It is clear that the latest move by the state is meant to deter other young people from questioning Emmerson Mnangagwa’s corrupt military dictatorship.
What is unmistakable is that our judiciary is no longer independent and takes orders directly from ZANU PF headquarters.

Moreover, fingerprints of State Security Minister, Owen Mudha Ncube’s hand in the conviction of our Midlands youth leaders are all over the wall for everyone to see.

The move is meant to derail the MDC Alliance ahead of a by-election pitting Owen Ncube’s nephew who is also running for the vacant Kwekwe Central House of Assembly post.

Ironically a ZANU-PF violent Kwekwe thug, Tapiwa Muto who disrupted the party’s DCC elections was controversially released from prison just days after his arrest only two weeks ago.

Let it be known that the unjustified conviction of our Midlands cdes is a declaration of war to the Assembly and all progressive youths.

We are not going to rest when our members are subjected to a micky mouse justice system at the instruction of ZANU-PF officials.

As the MDC Alliance Youth Assembly we maintain that our comrades are innocent. This is another case in point of persecution by prosecution of opposition members by the junta,” said Stephen Chuma, MDC Alliance Youth Assembly’s national spokesperson.