‘UN, AU, SADC already knows CCC as the next govt’ – Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa
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CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa has claimed that the United Nations, African Union and SADC have started warming up to the possibility of his party ruling the country whilst emphasising that he will not meddle with the security sector.

Speaking at the victory celebration rally in Chinhoyi, Chamisa said gone were the days when UN and SADC ignored calls from the opposition party and have now embraced CCC as a potential government in waiting.

Zimbabwe is heading for a general election in 2023 and Chamisa expressed strong optimism that the international community will not stand by if Zanu PF loses the plebiscite.

“I have seen the reception I am now being given, compared to when I used to be at that other opposition party,” Chamisa said.

“Where as my calls used to get declined, now when they see me calling they answer because they now have confidence in us,” added Chamisa.

He also reaffirmed the security sector that the CCC government will work with them in building a safe and equitable Zimbabwe.

“Before I came here, I saw some bosses from the police, CIO. I told them as we prepare to govern, we will not bring in a new CIO, a new army, a new police.

“We will work with the army that is already there, we will change some things but our security sector will remain as it is,” said the CCC leader.

Chamisa also took a dig at Zanu PF spokesperson Christopher for clamouring to see opposition party structures.

“We hear you Mr Mutsvangwa asking us where our structures are, we are a citizen movement, if you want you can come and join and we will move together.

The CCC president reiterated that through processes that are citizen driven, the party will then craft structures from persons chosen from the places they hail from.

“Those within the MDC structure will not automatically bring those positions to CCC, the positions in CCC will come from the people.

“The leadership within the structures are elected because we said citizens first, citizens at the centre. It’s an ideological disposition, a philosophical maker.

“This is because we have gone back to the people and we have put them first…This also includes candidate selection and we emphasise that it’s the citizens first,” Chamisa said. – Newzimbabwe