Mnangagwa describes Zimbabwe’s economic crisis as a revolution; likens it to war of liberation, land reform

Kudakwashe Mnangagwa
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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s son Kudakwashe, who is Deputy Finance Minister, has described Zimbabwe’s two-decade-long economic crisis as a revolution, likening it to the country’s war of liberation.

The crisis has seen millions losing sources of income, savings, including pensions and investments.

Efforts to save the country’s economy failed during late President Robert Mugabe’s time while his father has suffered similarly, as a result of a combination of poor governance and unchecked corruption.

Kudakwashe, an August 2023 appointee who shocked many, said youths had to develop mental stamina and resilience to overcome challenges brought by his ongoing revolution.

“We have been through two revolutions, the first one was to gain our independence as a country, the second revolution was to actually gain control of our resources,” said Kudakwashe, a Drake University graduate.

“Now I would say we are going through an economic revolution which calls for a different type of agility, mental stamina, and resilience.

“We as the youth have to stay strong and avoid somewhat of a manipulation that may come as a result of those powers that may not be entirely happy with the journey Zimbabwe has taken.

“It is time for youths to carry the mantle and stay strong for future generations just as our forefathers did.”

Tuition at Drake University is US$63,732 per year, almost 200% more than what the average employed Zimbabwean is getting paid per month, and 27 times more than they make in a year.

Zimbabwe’s weak economy and socio-political challenges have youth unemployment figures higher than most countries in Africa according to Dr. Billy Agwanda and fellow academic Noah Maulani. – NewZim