MDC pledges Congress that seek solutions to Zimbabwe ailing economy

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GWERU – Main opposition party MDC says it harbours solutions to the country’s myriad of problems as contained in its new economic blueprint, dubbed RELOAD, to be launched at the upcoming elective national congress which kicks off tomorrow, as the party gears up to a more proactive role in the development of the country.

Zimbabwe is currently reeling from acute shortages of fuel and foreign currency reserves, power outages, run-away inflation and high unemployment among a proliferation of challenges.

Addressing press at the party Headquarters today, party national spokesperson Jacob Mafume said the upcoming congress will spell out strategies to navigate past economic complexities dragging the economy.

“We will be expecting an answer from the MDC Congress, everyone is waiting for it, transport blues, fuel has skyrocketed and is in short supply, the exchange rate, jobs , rentals, everybody cannot make ends meet, the military assisted government has completely failed to manage the economy, so that will be answered,

“We are going to launch the RELOAD document, the new economic framework that is going to reload this economy. That is going to shape this country, we have got the answers. We are the thinking party; we do hold the brain trust of Zimbabwe,” a boastful Mafume fumed.

Mafume could however, not delve much into the details of the RELOAD strategy, as it is yet to be launched but hinted that post-congress, the party will roll out initiatives that will beam the developmental path for the suffering people of Zimbabwe.

MDC has often been criticized for taking a pro activism-style of opposition politics which do not proffer solutions to the challenges at hand.

Lately, the MDC has been carrying out anti-government demonstrations, which in most cases have turned out ugly as protesters and authorities clashed.

Recently, advisor to the President, Dr Shingi Munyeza described the MDC political stance as toxic to national development as it does nothing to fix the challenges facing the nation, but called for a more proactive role that curve solutions.

“They must gear up and say we are the government in waiting. Here is our shadow government for ministry of this, ministry of that. We are told there are ministers who are asleep, now this is where the opposition must shine. Local authorities must start to function and show that we own 28 out of 32 local authorities,” Munyeza told captians of Industry at a state of the economy discussion recently.

Analysts are however skeptical that the opposition will be accorded a platform to effectively implement its policies citing that the political landscape is highly polarized and regressive.

Already MDC runs all urban councils in the country but it argues it has been rendered ineffective to carry out its mandate owing to political meddling of central government at its urban-run authorities. – 263Chat