Chamisa’s spokesman told his comprehension of politics and law are shallow – We miss Mahere

Promise Mkwananzi
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HARARE – Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa’s spokesman Promise Mkwananzi has been told that his comprehension of politics and law is quite shallow.

This was after Mkwananzi said that the decision to conduct fresh elections in Zimbabwe was not President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s prerogative.

“It is a decision of all Stakeholders in Zimbabwe & the region,” Mkwananzi said on his X handle.

He was responding to Mnangagwa’s statement yesterday that there would be no fresh elections, a government of national unity or a transitional authority. Those entertaining such thoughts must wake up from their delusions, Mnangagwa said.

Mkwananzi said fresh elections were beyond Mnangagwa’s wishes.

“As @CCCZimbabwe we have already refused to accept the result. President

@nelsonchamisa & his Chief Election Agent did not sign off those sham results. President

@chamisa has already stated that what is currently governing is an illegal, illegitimate interim defacto arrangement. Our focus is on organising and mobilizing towards a fresh election which will have to come through a Transitional authority sheperded by SADC & a new, independent & professional body in place of @ZECzim,” Mkwananzi said.

“We continue to urge the Citizens of Zimbabwe not to despair or be discouraged. Mr. Mnangagwa will be dragged to a fresh, free & fair election kicking & screaming. A fresh election is inevitable. Let us use every peaceful & democratic means available & permissible to bring forth the elections.”

In a lengthy response, a Larry Charamba said: “This is where my learned friend

@advocatemahere will be missed, your comprehension of politics and law is quite shallow.

“While it’s important to consider the input of stakeholders, it is crucial to recognize that according to the constitution of Zimbabwe, the decision to conduct a fresh election ultimately falls under the authority of the President. As the country’s leader, Mr. Mnangagwa has the responsibility to uphold constitutional processes and ensure stability.

“The claim that the previous election results were a sham is subjective. A democratic process involves multiple parties participating and abiding by the rules set by the election commission. If Nelson Chamisa and his Chief Election Agent refuse to accept the results, it is essential to provide concrete evidence of irregularities or legal violations. Without sufficient evidence, disputing the legitimacy of the election undermines trust in the democratic process this making CCC look like amateurs in politics.

“An immediate fresh election might not be the most beneficial solution for Zimbabwe. Holding regular elections without clear indications of significant issues in the previous elections can create instability and hinder the country’s progress. It would be more constructive to focus on improving election processes, addressing concerns, and ensuring inclusivity and transparency in future.

“Calling for a transitional authority supported by SADC can introduce further complexities and prolong the democratic process. SADC guidelines aren’t superior to national laws, hence why @SADC_News made its role clear as election observers. It’s important to follow constitutional procedures to maintain stability and provide a clear path for the country’s leadership. Instead of pushing for a new, independent body to replace ZEC, efforts should be made to strengthen and reform the current system.”

Charamba urged Mkwananzi not to use divisive and confrontational language.

“While peaceful and democratic means should be advocated, it is important to avoid divisive and confrontational language such as “dragging Mr. Mnangagwa kicking and screaming.” Constructive dialogue, engagement, and consensus-building are more effective ways to address concerns, promote change, and nurture a healthy democratic environment. As it stands, Chamisa and his CCC are quite abrasive and let alone their stance on US sanctions exacerbates the rift.

“Instead of focusing solely on a fresh election, the attention should be directed towards fostering national unity and working towards the betterment of Zimbabwe as a whole. Building bridges and engaging in constructive discussions between political parties can create a more stable and prosperous future for the country. Chamisa must join POLAD if he’s serious about serving the interests of Zimbabweans.”

A Khumbulani Dhavu said Chamisa had no interest in the stability of the country

“@nelsonchamisa will nt join even 1 meeting. has no interest in Zim stability.  His mind need change. He fails to ensure pple’s vote is counted.  Spent 5 yrs fighting for 2018 results. He is at it again another 5yrs on 2023. Takes advantage of love citizens give him…not fair.”