Chamisa’s ally sets to deploy terror thugs on CCC ‘Interim Secretary-General’

Prince Dubeko Sibanda
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BULAWAYO – In a shocking turn of events, Binga North Member of Parliament (MP) Prince Dubeko Sibanda representing the Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC), has reacted to the recall by the party’s ‘Interim Secretary General’ Sengenzo Tshabangu through rallying his supporters, urging them to locate Tshabangu in public places and confront him, promising to provide Tshabangu’s house number.

The situation took a dangerous turn when Sibanda posted a provocative message on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), stating, “Sengezo Tshabangu, the tortoise on the lamp post to destroy the CCC. He lives in Bulawayo. Make him popular in all public places. His address is coming. He needs a visit.”

The former police officer Sibanda’s fiery post has raised concerns about the growing tensions within the CCC, a party that emerged as a formidable opposition force in Zimbabwe. Sengenzo Tshabangu, the targeted ‘Interim Secretary General,’ has yet to comment on the situation.

Witness Dube, a former leading opposition member, responded to Sibanda’s post, shedding light on the once amicable relationship between Sibanda and Tshabangu. Dube stated, “He has been your long-time friend, what happened in this last election? I hear you and Ostallos imposed candidates that were not chosen by the people of Bulawayo.”

Dube’s remarks indicate that the dispute between Sibanda and Tshabangu may have deeper roots related to political decisions and party dynamics.

Furthermore, the situation took a legal turn when some X users tagged the Zimbabwe Republic Police in response to Sibanda’s post, citing it as a potential threat. As of now, there has been no official response from the authorities regarding the matter.

The CCC has been seen as a significant challenge to the ruling party’s dominance in Zimbabwe. The internal strife and public feud between its members, particularly involving high-profile figures like Sibanda and Tshabangu, seem to weaken the opposition’s unity and its ability to effectively challenge the current government.

As this situation unfolds, political analysts and citizens alike are closely watching for developments within the CCC and how this rift might impact the country’s political landscape. The controversy surrounding Prince Dubeko Sibanda’s call for public action against Sengenzo Tshabangu highlights the volatile nature of the ongoing power struggles within opposition parties.

Source – Byo24