Wife of Tshabangu’s ally de-registered from law practice

Doreen Vundhla Phulu
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The Law Society of Zimbabwe has officially deregistered Doreen Vundhla Phulu, wife of the recently appointed Senator Kacaca Phulu, amid serious allegations of misconduct.

This development was confirmed by Law Society spokesperson Richard Chidza in an exclusive interview with The Mirror.

Phulu faces accusations of defrauding numerous clients out of properties and money, with the total losses amounting to millions of US dollars.

“Please note that the Law Society of Zimbabwe earlier this year made an application for Ms. Doreen Vundhla-Phulu’s deregistration before the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal.

The application was granted, and she has since been deregistered,” Chidza stated in a formal communication to The Mirror.

As a principal partner in Vundhla Phulu and Partners, Vundhla was engaged by clients for conveyancing and legal representation. However, several clients lodged complaints with the Law Society, accusing her of forgery, misuse of funds, negligence, misrepresentations, and unauthorized discounts and payments in RTGS, all of which resulted in significant financial losses.

The allegations detail that Vundhla failed to deposit money received from clients into appropriate accounts, neglected to maintain proper accounting records, and in at least one instance, sold a client’s house to buyers, causing severe prejudice to the rightful owner.

This case underscores the importance of regulatory oversight in the legal profession to protect clients from unethical practices. The Law Society’s decision to deregister Vundhla serves as a stern warning to other practitioners about the consequences of such actions.