Tragic end to siblings incestuous relationship

Chief Chireya
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In a tragic turn of events, incestuous lust between two siblings resulted in a taboo pregnancy that ultimately cost the sister her life while giving birth in Gokwe.

The death of the 22-year-old woman from Duriro Village in Gokwe sent tongues wagging when her mother revealed the identity of the unborn baby’s father at the young woman’s funeral wake.

Shuvai Moyo died in her mother’s arms last Monday while giving birth at her parents’ homestead.

Shuvai’s mother Miriam Moyo stunned close family members and neighbours at the funeral wake when she spilled the beans about her children’s well kept family secret.

Mirriam said: “Kufa kwemwana wangu kwandirwadza. (I’m devastated by my daughter’s death).”

“What hurts me most is that when she was about to die she told me she was impregnated by her own brother Tinashe (25),” the heartbroken mother revealed to the bewildered crowd.

Mirriam went on to tell friends and family how her daughter had managed to keep the identity of the unborn baby’s father a closely guarded secret right until the pain of child birth became too much for her and pushed her to confess the taboo deed.

A relative of the bereaved family confirmed the revelation of the incestuous affair that tragically ended in Shuvai’s life.

She said although the girl had refused to shed light on the identity of the unborn child’s father after the pregnancy was discovered, it had come as no surprise to them when the siblings’ mother confessed that Tinashe was the culprit.

“We are not surprised that Tinashe got his sister pregnant. The two were caught on several occasions while having sex in a bush that is close to their homestead,” she said.

The relative said after extensive deliberations, the family finally agreed to inform Chief Chireya about the matter before the deceased was buried.

“Initially the family was apprehensive of going public with this, but eventually it was agreed that the Chief had to be informed which was done and he came to witness the burial and later counselled the bereaved,” revealed an insider.
Chief Chireya confirmed the incident.

“It is sad that Mirriam’s children Tinashe and Shuvai decided to indulge in this very taboo act. As a result Shuvai got pregnant and it is rather unfortunate that the girl died while giving birth last Monday,” the Chief told B-Metro during the week. – B-Metro