WhatsApp group helps teen with abortion

Sibonisiwe Ncube

A YOUNG woman made a chilling confession that her abusive boyfriend and family forced her to abort and a certain WhatsApp group rescued her from misery as women gave her advice on how to terminate a pregnancy using traditional herbs.

Sibonisiwe Ncube (18) from Njube suburb almost lost her life after her ex-boyfriend, Brian Ndlovu turned her into a punching bag after she revealed that she was pregnant.

Appearing at the Western Commonage magistrates courts Ncube told the court she was four months pregnant at the time of termination.

“I would not deny that I was stressed because I was about to write my examinations (O-level) and my boyfriend was denying the pregnancy, but it wasn’t my idea to abort,” the tearful Ncube said.

Ncube told the court that the pregnancy came as a surprise as a family member had told her that she would not get pregnant and she personally believed that pregnancy was the least of her worries as she occasionally had excessive period pains, something that she associated with infertility.

“I got the abortion idea from a certain WhatsApp group when women were discussing means of terminating pregnancies.  I was told to insert a traditional herb inside my vagina and all shall be well,” she continued.

The shocking incident was discovered when Ncube started bleeding excessively leading to her guardians questioning the real cause.

As the situation worsened, Ncube was rushed to Mpilo Hospital where they confirmed a miscarriage caused by inserting the herb in her vagina.

Ncube later confessed that she was afraid to tell the courts that Ndlovu and his family members were threatening her and were the reason why she had aborted the pregnancy at a late stage.

“Ndlovu is physically abusive to me and he has threatened me on numerous occasions. I had no choice but to abort and I was afraid that no one would help me. My desperation to abort the pregnancy led me to take the advice from the WhatsApp group,” said the troubled Ncube.

Ncube was fined $100 (or 90 days in prison).- B-Metro