Pius Jamba convicted of CCC activist Moreblessing Ali’s murder

Pius Jumba and the late Moreblessing Ali
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Pius Jamba, who was arrested in June of the previous year on charges of murdering CCC activist Moreblessing Ali, has been pronounced guilty by the High Court after a comprehensive trial. Throughout the proceedings, Jamba denied the allegations, asserting that he was being manipulated to ease political tensions in the Nyatsime area following Ali’s death.

High Court judge Justice Esther Muremba stated that there was compelling evidence pointing to Jamba as the individual who argued with Ali before her disappearance and subsequent death. The judge highlighted that Jamba’s warned and cautioned statement aligned accurately with the circumstances surrounding Ali’s murder, leading to the conclusion of his guilt.

“From his warned and cautioned statement, the accused admitted he killed the deceased. The statement, having been correctly confirmed by the magistrate, means the accused is guilty,” stated Justice Muremba. The judge also emphasized that all indications pointed to Jamba as the perpetrator of the crime, as he was the last person seen with Ali.

The court rejected Jamba’s claim that he left Ali after she supposedly collapsed due to intoxication, dismissing it as an unsubstantiated narrative. Justice Muremba pointed out inconsistencies in Jamba’s defense, including his assertion that he wore a red t-shirt on the fateful night when evidence indicated he wore a yellow one.

The judge underscored the violent nature of Jamba’s actions during the incident, noting that people feared for their lives, and witnesses testified to his aggressiveness. Furthermore, Justice Muremba mentioned that Ali’s body was found at Jamba’s homestead when he had absconded to Hurungwe without informing his family, indicating an attempt to evade justice.

While confirming the admissibility of Jamba’s warned and cautioned statement, Justice Muremba clarified that the murder was not politically motivated. The court established that Jamba was at the same nightclub as Ali on the night she went missing, and it was evident that their interaction was negative.

Ali’s body, discovered in a decomposing state in a well, had been dismembered, with Jamba providing accurate details about the murder weapon during the trial. The judge concluded that Jamba’s defense lacked strength, as it failed to dispute critical details that could have exonerated him.

In addition, the judge highlighted that Ali’s murder was not politically driven, addressing initial speculations that circulated during the investigation. The court acknowledged that Jamba cooperated in leading investigators to crucial locations related to the crime, such as the scene of the murder and the well where Ali’s body was disposed.

Jamba’s version of events, where he claimed Ali collapsed and was left behind after a walk, was contradicted by multiple witnesses. The judge accepted the credibility of state witnesses and concluded that Jamba’s actions on the night in question were violent and ultimately led to Ali’s tragic death.

Source – newzimbabwe