Party row: Man stabbed to death

Stabber: Richard Mpofu
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THOU shall not kill!

This is one of the most sacred commandments which warns people not to transgress by the Bible. However, these words fell on deaf ears of a young Bulawayo man who murdered his friend after gate crushing a party.

Richard Mpofu (20) stabbed Dennis Ncube (22) on the neck and fled from the scene, he was later apprehended by some of his family members when he tried to sneak back into house to take his clothes and flee.

He was also seen by some of the community members who were baying for his blood. They took justice into their own hands and beat Mpofu into submission.

B-Metro caught up with one of Mpofu’s relatives who revealed that he was badly beaten by community members who wanted justice for what he had done.

‘‘They did not try to reason with him, they quickly took the  matter into their own hands and beat him with logs, bricks and some used their hands,’’ said Mpofu.

‘‘It was only the police who came to his rescue and took him away from the angry mob before they ended his life,’’ he added.

Mpofu was visiting his relatives in Pumula North where he attended a local party to enjoy himself. He got into a dispute with Ncube which resulted in them exchanging blows. As a result, Mpofu used a knife to stab Ncube on the neck.

Our sister paper the Chronicle reported that police launched a manhunt for Mpofu who had run away after stabbing his friend on the neck at a party.

In an interview with B-Metro, a member of the grieving family said they are yet to meet with the murderer’s family.

‘‘We are not ready to talk to them. We are waiting for the funeral to pass then we can start talking,’’ said the relative.

‘’We are only glad the murderer was caught, we want justice for our child,’’ added the relative.

Mpofu appeared at the West Commonage Court where he pleaded guilty. He was remanded in custody  to 3 December when trial resumes.