Mugabe death pastor to face trail

The activist pastor — Phillip Mugadza
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HARARE – A pastor who prophecised that President Robert Mugabe will die on 17 October, 12 days from now, will stand  trial after the Constitutional Court threw out his case.

Phillip Mugadza of the Remnant Pentecostal church went to the Constitutional Curt to complain that his fundamental rights were being violated but Chief Justice Luke Malaba blasted his lawyers for bringing up the case to the highest court in the first place.

“Cases are coming to the Constitutional Court for purposes of avoiding facing the day in court for trial,” the Chief Justice said.

“The perception now is that cases are being brought to the Constitutional Court as a tactic of avoiding facing trial in the magistrates’ courts. We should not allow such kind of behaviour. We cannot be used in that manner. It is abuse of court process.”