MSU student to do community service for stealing girls’ panties

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A FINAL year media studies student at Midlands State University in Gweru has been sentenced to perform free labour for 70 hours after he was convicted of stealing girls’ underwear from washing lines.

Appearing before Gweru magistrate Ms Beauty Dube facing one count of theft was Prince Danda (21) of Nehosho Suburb in Gweru.

Danda left the court in stitches after he pleaded guilty to the charge saying he stole the pants as he is used to masturbating while holding girls’ underwear.
Ms Dube sentenced him to perform 70 hours of community service at Senga Poly Clinic.

Danda told the court that he used the stolen panties to masturbate as he would fantasise about women wearing them.He told the magistrate that he did not expect his actions to get him into trouble, as he pleaded for leniency.

“I’m sorry, I must have been under the spell of an evil spirit,” he said.

“I was stealing girls’ panties which I then used to masturbate. I would be fantasising the girls wearing them.”

Prosecutor Ms Gracious Rongai told the court that on October 14 at around 12.30PM, Danda was seen by the complainant entering a residence where she is a tenant.

The court heard that upon entering the gate, the accused went straight to the back of the house where there were some clothes on the washing line.

Danda stole the complainant’s pant which was on the washing line and hid it in his jeans pocket.

On the way out, the court heard that Danda was asked by the complainant what he wanted and he replied that he was lost before he went out of the yard.

When the complainant went to check for her clothes, she found that her pant had been stolen.

The court heard that the complaint followed Danda and met some police officers on patrol and reported her case.

Together with another victim whose grey pant had earlier been stolen, they followed the accused and found him at Nhemachena shops.

A search was done and Danda was found with the stolen panties in his pocket.