Man rubs organ against stranger’s buttocks, fondles her

Xolisani Dube
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A visibly drunk Xolisani Dube became a spectacle of shame when he grabbed a city woman and rubbed his manhood against her buttocks before fondling her breast.

The incident which is akin to attempted rape happened last Saturday near Bulawayo Centre at around 8pm.

This was after the woman bitterly shot down his sexual advances. But the seemingly persistent Dube unzipped his pair of trousers and urinated after which he dashed to her while dangling his manhood and grabbed her.

He then rubbed his manhood against her buttocks before he fondled her breast.

A crowd gathered and meted instant justice on Dube who wailed for help. Security guards who were manning an eatery nearby then captured him.

They tied him with a rope before dragging him into one of the outlet’s rooms where they put him in a wash basin.

The shamed Dube profusely begged the security guards to free him but the security guards turned a deaf ear to his passionate plea.

“May you kindly free me? Please do not take me to central police station because I’m a married person and I do not want my wife to know this because this has the potential to wreck my marriage,” he begged.

The security guards freed him at around 12am.

The visibly shaken woman thanked the security guards for coming to her rescue.

“If it was not for these security guards this man could have raped me and robbed me of my vending money which I had on me,” said the woman.