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Woman reveals cousin’s sexcapades to hubby

Mthulusi Ndlovu
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A Bulawayo woman claimed her cousin dished dirt on her in front of her husband claiming she was a prostitute and that she once bedded a police officer apparently in exchange for favours.

Sitshengiselo Ndlovu from Cowdray Park said her cousin Mthulisi Ndlovu was making up stories that she was sleeping with other men in her husband’s absence.

Sitshengiselo said this at the Bulawayo Civil Court where she was seeking a restraining order against Mthulisi claiming she had put her marriage on the brink of collapse because of her accusations that she was cheating on her husband.

Sitshengiselo Ndlovu
Sitshengiselo Ndlovu

“Mthulisi Ndlovu is my cousin and we have some irreconcilable differences. She has been insulting me while calling me a prostitute in front of my husband and that I slept with a police officer. She also falsely accused me of assaulting her on two separate occasions and following my arrest I was taken to court where I was made to pay a fine for a crime I didn’t commit.

“As if that is not enough, Mthulisi took a herdboy who was looking after my homestead despite the fact that he is wanted by the police in connection with a rape case. She claims the herdboy whose whereabouts are not known now is her relative,” complained Sitshengiselo.

She further said Mthulisi once filed a false police report to the effect that she had stabbed her with a kitchen knife.

In response, Mthulisi however, refuted the accusations saying Sitshengiselo was the one who was in the habit of verbally and physically abusing her.

“It is not true that I’m abusing her. She is the one who is always perpetrating violence against me and as corroboration she was once convicted of domestic violence after she had assaulted me,” said Mthulisi.

In his judgment the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya ordered the two cousins not to abuse each other verbally, physically, and emotionally as well as not to visit each other.