Man killed fighting for father’s girlfriend

An 18-year-old man was allegedly clobbered to death by four men while trying to assist his 51-year-old father in a fight over a woman in Murewa.

The incident occurred at Zhakata village on February 28 where Clever Muuduri and his father were drinking an illicit brew at one of the homesteads under Chief Mangwende.

The fight started after Clever’s father accused one of the villagers Leonard Jambwa (28) who was also drinking the same beer at the said homestead, of being in love with his girlfriend.

A fist fight broke out between Clever’s father and Jambwa, but the two were restrained by other patrons.

Later, on the same day, Clever and his father followed Jambwa who had decided to go home and they caught up with him and started assaulting him.

The two overpowered Jambwa, who called for back-up from his friends who were following nearby.

Jambwa’s two friends assaulted Clever, resulting in his death, and left his father seriously injured.

Mashonaland East Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tendai Mwanza confirmed the incident and urged the public to have a respect for life.

He said the four were arrested.

Source – the herald

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