Law Society of Zimbabwe slams online publisher over de-registration story

Lloyd Manokere
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The Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ) has written a letter to NewZimbabwe expressing displeasure over an article that claimed top lawyer Mr. Lloyd Manokore had been deregistered after he had been found guilty of unethical conduct.

Mr. Makonore appeared before the LSZ disciplinary tribunal which Thursday found him guilty of being “unprofessional and dishonourable” hence unfit to practice law in Zimbabwe.

In a letter in response to the article, LSZ Corporate Communications Manager Mr. Richard Chidza said:

THE Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ) notes with concern the story carried on your platform titled “Dishonourable Top Lawyers De-Registered”.

While we respect the independence of journalists and their rights as enshrined in the Constitution, it would be remiss for us not to point out when factual inaccuracies are passed off as news. It is undisputed that Mr Lloyd Manokore is appearing before the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal.

However, it is patently false to claim that he has been sentenced or deregistered.

The correct position is that the matter is ongoing before the Tribunal and no sentence has been imposed as yet hence there is no de-registration to speak of. The matter is, therefore, sub judice.

We hope you will immediately take corrective measures in order to better inform your readers and give the Tribunal an opportunity to determine the matter without undue influence.

Richard Chidza

Corporate Communications Manager