Late Vice-President’s son loses property to girlfriend

Tinevimbo Hove
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THE late Vice-President John Landa Nkomo’s son Sandlasami allegedly lost household property to his ex-girlfriend who reportedly broke into his house as punishment for dumping her.

A source close to the incident said Sandlasami broke up with his long-time girlfriend Tinevimbo Hove whom he was staying with at his home in Paddonhurst suburb in Bulawayo.

However, Tinevimbo who still could not accept that she was booted out of the love affair, devised means to inflict pain on him.

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The late Vice-President John Landa Nkomo

“At around 3pm on the day in question she teamed up with her friend Nyari Makoni and went to Sandlasami’s place. Upon arrival, they broke into the house  and took a 42-inch TV, knives, plates, pots, microwave oven, curtains, and groceries,” said the source.

In a bid to apparently cause more pain to her ex-lover, Tinevimbo allegedly took Sandlasami’s cellphone and threw it into a bucket full of water.

“They ransacked the house and left things upside down,” added the source.

House break-in. Image taken from United Locksmith

After that Nyari reportedly sent Sandlasami a WhatsApp message threatening him.

When contacted for comment Tinevimbo said: “I had taken wine and then I went to confront Sandlasami’s girlfriend unfortunately she was not there and we broke into the house and took the property that we bought together. It’s not like we stole but it was our property since I contributed to buying it.”

She, however, begged this reporter to drop the story.

“I don’t want our parents to know about this incident, please may you kindly drop the story because it would put me into trouble,” she said.

Sandlasami said: “Why do you want to write the story and do you think it’s worth writing.”

Prodded further to comment he said: “I do not have a comment and I don’t think it’s worth any attention.”