Knife under the pillow

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A MUTARE woman has claimed that her husband forces her to sleep with a knife under her pillow to ensure that she does not have extra-marital affairs.

Memory Maposa appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato, as she applied for a protection order against husband, Abel Makaranga.

Maposa said her husband abandoned her with their twin children 10 years ago but has since bounced back into her life.

“Ever since he came back, he has been forcing me to do weird things. I told him that I no longer loved him because 10 years of separation is not a joke. He neglected me and the kids when we needed him most. I had to take care of the twins when he left for another woman,” said Maposa.

She added: “He forces me to sleep with a knife under my pillow. He uses the knife to intimidate me from dating other men. I want him out of my life. I want him out of my house because I am the one paying the rent and making sure that we are all fed.

“I also want him barred from coming to my workplace to insult me. I work as a vendor at Sakubva Musika. We were married for seven years and we had twins together. He made a choice that I was not good enough for him and left me for another woman for 10 good years. He did not call, text or even send me any money to feed our children.”

In response, Makaranga denied all the allegations.

He said she was looking for excuses to dump him.

“I do not put a knife under her pillow. Why would I do that to my wife? We have kids together and the only thing I need ever since coming back into her life is love and also to put everything behind us. I just want my loving wife back so that we can be a happy family once more.

“The reason for the constant fights is the fact that she has multiple extra-marital affairs. I have come across a lot of messages from her lovers in her phone. I cannot tolerate that under my roof because I am still the man of the house despite the fact that I do not have enough money to support her,” said Makaranga.

He added: “She also receives calls from several men, even late at night. As her husband, I should know who calls my wife during those late hours. If I ask her about the chats and constant late night calls, she always reminds me that I was out of her life for 10 years. We make mistakes in life and I have learnt from my own mistakes.”

Mr Chipato granted the protection order in Maposa’s favour.

He ordered Makaranga not to assault, insult, intimidate or harass the complainant and also not to visit her workplace to harass her. – Manica Post