Juju sexual perverts must be punished

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SEXUAL offences with the aid of juju are on the increase if recent Press reports are anything to go by. It could be, maybe, there is nothing new really apart from the fact that these perverts have been exposed. It could be that they have always got away with their evil acts but that more and more people are finding ways of catching them.

For how can we explain reports of elderly men caught with heaps of old panties that they claim they mysteriously take off their victims before abusing them. This is something that is difficult to believe to most people but confessions by the juju men show that they are capable of abusing women using their spells.

What we are seeing is that the men who would have acquired such charms seek to surrender them to prophets after the charms start affecting their families badly. We would like to caution against the practice by people to seek success and sexual satisfaction through the use of charms. Also, it would seem though we have regulatory authorities in all sectors, there still remains a huge chunk of rogue inyangas that are dispensing such wicked charms to equally wicked customers, causing untold suffering to many people.

Where is the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers’ Association (Zinatha) in all this? We do not want to be forced to believe that Zinatha is working together with the many prophets that claim to be ridding the country of such wicked charms, where the traditional medicine men dispense charms and goblins that later trouble their customers thereby creating business for the prophets, and possibly vice-versa. We are yet to hear such bodies denounce such evil practices publicly but some of the medicine men have publicly declared that they were involved in such acts and how they were abusing women in communities using their charms.

It is a human rights issue and we believe those that are found on the wrong side of our moral compass are being let off lightly since their actions are not seen as criminal, regardless of their confessions.

One of the mubobobo users said in our last week’s edition that he decided not to remarry after his wife died but wanted to keep on having sex without the burden of commitment. He then sought the services of an inyanga who prescribed these charms in 2007 and they worked very well all these years until he tried his wicked practice on a ‘‘fenced’’ woman and all hell broke loose and his privates got swollen to a point he could not hide his condition, hence his confession later when he sought help.

Can we not have some of these charms proscribed and the inyangas that dispense them punished because these men are raping women under the cover of charms and getting away with it. The spiritual world is a difficult one to legislate but clearly such immoral practice cannot be allowed to continue in our midst.