“I Did Not See Any Reason To Arrest Him” Former Inspector Exonerates T Freddy As Rape Trial Continues

T Freddy
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As the rape trial involving Goodness and Mercy founder Prophet T Freddy continues, former ZRP Inspector Gibson Jaji is the State’s latest witness who also indirectly exonerated the man of cloth from the allegations of raping ZBC presenter Rutendo Makuti.

According to court papers, Jaji was part of the police officers who were called at Chief Chikwaka’s homestead after the traditional leader made efforts to bring peace between Makuti and T Freddy.

During cross examination, Jaji admitted that the Makuti and Freddy had Consensual s_ex  as a result, he did not see any reason to arrest the man of God.

“As a seasoned police officer and from my own assessment i did not see any reason to effect arrest as there was no report. I advised the complainant to report but she said she was not going to report,” he said.

The Court heard that Jaji advised Makuti that if she was not comfortable to report the matter at Juru police station, she was free to report elsewhere.

He also said Freddy did not at any point admit that he had raped Makuti adding that the affidavit signed at the Chief’s homestead by the prophet was not an admission of rape.

Inspector Jaji made headlines late last year after he was arrested on allegations of extorting Prophet T Freddy.

Jaji was implicated after it was alleged that he reportedly went to Chief Chikwaka’s homestead waiting for Freddy to come so that they could settle some issues between the clergyman and Makuti.

Chief Chikwaka publicly admitted that he had called Jaji together with some unnamed police officers to be part of the negotiations though he could not shed more light as to why the police officers were called since the report came to him as an uncle of Makuti.