Harare City Council Directors Jailed for 12 Years

Harare City Council’s Finance Director
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HARARE – The embattled Harare City Council’s Finance Director Stanley Ndemera and Chamber Secretary Charles Kandemiri have been given 6 years of jail terms each.

They were found guilty of criminal abuse of office charges.

The two sold Mount Pleasant Sports Club and golf course.

Hardspec Investments bought the stand for $23 923 340 while the club was quoted as worth US$2,3 million.

They sold the council-owned Mt Pleasant Sports Club in Vainona, including the golf course, without proper procedure.

Initially, the two were jointly charged with former mayor Herbert Gomba and town clerk Engineer Hosea Chisango.

However, these two acquitted on the same charges by Justice Pisirai Kwenda.

Justice Kwenda said their involvement in the commission of the offence was minimal such that no criminal liability could be attached to them.

However, Kwenda said Ndemera and Kandemiri abused their offices to commit the offence.