Grade 7 pupil in disguise steals teacher’s tablet

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WHILE children of his age occasionally pinch coins from their parents’ wallets for pocket money, a 13-year-old pulled the ultimate “school heist” that left authorities dumbfounded.

Forget scenes from the famous movies Ocean’s Eleven or The Italian Job where Hollywood film stars connived, planned and pulled out the slickest robberies.

The teenager wanted to own a Samsung tablet at all costs.

And nothing would stop him so he hatched a plan to get the gadget. But the problem for the boy was that the tablet he intended to pinch belonged to his younger brother’s teacher.

After hearing his younger brother describe how lovely his teacher’s Samsung tablet was — the boy then disguised himself as a pupil at Mkhithika Primary School and made his way to the classroom where the tablet was and stole it.

Speaking to B-Metro the victim said: “When we caught him, he was wearing Mkhithika Thebe uniform yet he is not a pupil here. It seems the 13-year-old had borrowed his brother’s uniform to carry out the theft,” said Thabilanga Ncube, a teacher.

According to another pupil, it was on a Monday when the unpleasant incident happened.

“He is in Grade Seven, he came to our school dressed in our uniform. As pupils we laughed as we found it comical and entertaining especially knowing that he had gotten past security without being detected.

“It was after a few hours that Mrs Ncube began to look for her tablet — no one had seen it since break time,” said the pupil.

Apparently, it became suspicious that the tablet went missing at the same time the boy was also missing.

“We looked in the class and other classes but the tablet was nowhere to be found — until we found the culprit with the tablet at the grounds trying to unlock it. I was shocked and that was when we found out he was not a registered pupil at our school,” added Ncube.

The mother of the accused child commented: “Children will always be children and sometimes they do things that we don’t expect them to do. I am terribly sorry for what he did and as a mother I am ashamed and I humbly apologised to the wronged teacher,” she said after refusing to let her son talk to B-Metro.

The incident was solved amicably by the parents and teacher as the father begged the teacher not to report the incident.